Anthropologist/writer Antropologė/rašytoja
Anthropologist/writer Antropologė/rašytoja

Solveiga Zibaite


are you leaving me?

The ring he just took off was dancing with itself on the table.

– I‘m scared of you, – his swamp water filled eyes didn’t even attempt to meet my piercing red lasers.

– Oh honey, you really know your way into a woman‘s heart.

I was deeply moved. Is this damn thing a ring or a spinning top toy? it howled as it continued its supernatural relentless whirl in the misscaried silence between us.

– Are you feeling… sensual? – I reached out my hand to touch any of his ringless limbs. I must have been burning up with fever because he retreated instinctively, as if he had touched a stovetop.

– No more of this.

There was a disturbing sound as I hacked away at his flesh.

It came from me. I was feeling sensual.

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Published on January 26, 2018